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Burning Nights

Crimson Tree Publishing is proud to present Burning Nights, the sixth book in The Ancient Fire Series by Julie Wetzel.

After a wedding filled with werewolves, fay, and vampires, Vicky is looking forward to a nice, quiet honeymoon away from the chaos of Darien’s daily life. But nothing is ever simple with an Ancient Vampire around.

When the Vampire Council of Hawaii finds out Darien and his new bride are coming, they are determined to see that Darien is honored properly. But vampire etiquette isn’t for the faint of heart.

The nights could burn when lines are drawn… and Darien finds himself in a turf war he never intended to start.


Shock and fear widened the woman’s eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, darling.”
Don’t lie to me, kitsune,” Darien said as his eyes narrowed at the Japanese fox spirit trapped in his arms. “I can see your tail.”
The long, bushy tail of a fox swished back and forth as the woman gasped. She struggled to get free, but she could not break his hold.
That will do you no good, yōkai,” he said, holding her firmly against him. “I’m not completely unfamiliar with your kind. I’ve been spellbinding you for most of the night.”
She drew in a deep breath as if she was going to speak, but let it out without saying what she wanted to. Her shoulders sagged as the fight went out of her. “How?”
Darien shook his head and smiled at her. “If I told you that, you could remove it, and you’re not going anywhere until you tell me who you are and where Vicky is.”
Letting out a sigh, the woman raised her hand and pulled something from the top of her head. The illusion melted away, leaving Shuri wrapped in Darien’s arms.
Darien chuckled in amusement. “I should have known.” Reaching up, he took the small skull from Shuri before releasing his hold on her. “A thin face, a fine bone structure, and close set eyes. All traits of a fox daemon. Then there was that power at the Council’s luau. Only a creature with strong magic could pull that off. I feel foolish for not picking up on it earlier.” Releasing her, he took a step back so she stood on her own.
She recoiled from him as if she were going to bolt.
I wouldn’t run if I were you,” Darien said in a light tone as he turned and started down the beach. “You might be able to get about twenty feet before the pain starts.” He paused and tucked his hand in his pocket as he spoke. “Why do you think I hung so close to you all night long?”
Shuri stood there staring at him with an open mouth.
He turned and started walking again.
As the gap between them grew, a tickling sensation raced over Shuri’s skin, like the feeling of hundreds of spiders crawling all over her. She brushed at her arms, but there was nothing there. The sensation grew until it was an itch.
Darien stopped and turned back to her. “Come on.” He used his head to urge her to join him. “The night is more than half over and we have much to discuss.”

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About The Author:

Originally from Ohio, Julie always dreamed of a job in science. Either shooting for the stars or delving into the mysteries of volcanoes. But, life never leads where you expect. In 2007, she moved to Mississippi to be with her significant other.

Now a mother of a hyperactive red headed boy, what time she’s not chasing down dirty socks and unsticking toys from the ceiling is spent crafting worlds readers can get lost it. Julie is a self-proclaimed bibliophile and lover of big words. She likes hiking, frogs, interesting earrings, and a plethora of other fun things. 

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