Sunday, May 31, 2015

A short blurb of Pluviophile

What is it about life that nothing remains the same? Why can’t what we love always stay with us? Why can’t we always have the love of our life by our side? Why does it go from day to night and night to day? Why does the weather change? Why is it sometimes windy and something as still as death?


Why is nothing ever as certain as death?

Juliet is a Pluviophile.

There is nothing she enjoys more than walking around in the rain, finding solace in the rhythmic falling of the droplets and allowing her senses to be soothed by the coolness of the water. Her love of the rain is so great, that the only thing that ranks above it, is her love for Maxwell St. James.
When Juliet falls in love with Max, the perfect-ness of the moment bewitches her senses, leading her to believe that things will always be this fantastic. However a tragic motor accident on a rainy day rudely breaks that spell. In the span of a few seconds, the rain goes from being therapeutic to her sworn enemy. She detests it. She cannot stand it.
It is only when Derek White enters her life that she begins to see things in a new light. Or should I say, when Derek White re-enters her life does she feel her heart resume charge of her body? Juliet has never met Derek, but she has history with him. A history so dark, that it threatens to break her down once and for all.
Pluviophile is the story of two lost souls re-discovering themselves. It’s about coming to terms with loss. It is about forgiveness. Forgiving someone even when they are the reason you are broken takes strength, courage and just about everything you have.
Will Juliet be able to forgive Derek? Will she ever be able to bring herself to enjoy the rain again?
Buckle your seat belts and embark this rollercoaster called ‘Pluviophile’ alongside Juliet and Derek. Make sure you sit tight or you might just get swept away by the multitude of emotions.

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  1. Life is constantly changing soon as we think we've learned the rules..they change. This sounds interesting Tyler. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This sounds like it will be such a heartfelt story! I think I need to read it!