Monday, January 21, 2013

Small Persons With Wings Book Review

Small Persons with Wings is a middle grade to young adult novel about exactly as the title indicates: fairies…but don’t’ call them fairies; they prefer ‘small persons with wings.’

Mellie is the only daughter of the Turpin family in Boston.  She’s a social outcast because she’s round, has a big nose and a large vocabulary that her peers don’t understand.   One day, in an attempt to gain friends,  she tells everyone in her kindergarten class that she has a fairy and promises to bring him to school for show and tell. Her fairy, Fidius is furious with her for thinking of showing him off and leaves for good, but he left behind a small china doll.  Coming to show and tell empty handed only makes her an even bigger social outcast.  Everyone, including her parents tell her that Fidius was an imaginary friend.  She gets severely bullied for the next 7 years and instead of fighting back she starts to educate herself with art history and never allows herself to think of Fidius again. They move to Boston when she’s 13 and she finds another fairy and life changes forever.

I really liked the concept of this book.  It was very descriptive and created an exciting world.  While the descriptions were fantastic, the book did get confusing.  There were so many different types magic and fairies it became overwhelming at times.  It wasn’t bad enough for me to quit reading or go back and try to figure it out.  Overall the idea was unique and the characters were well developed.  I give this book four out of five donuts.

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