Monday, October 29, 2012

Just a Normal Trip to Chick-fil-A

“Noooooo.” Kaden screamed.

The entire family took a trip to Lowe’s to pick up a few things for the house.  Once we got there we decided it would be easier for Jeena to run into Lowe’s while I ran the kids next door to Chick-fil-A to get a drink.  I know what you’re thinking, why is Tyler sending Jeena to Lowe’s?  Let’s face it, Jeena knows exactly what she wants and she’s extremely efficient with her time.  For me to go in, pick out what I *think* she wants, then have to return it 27 times until I get it right is just an epic waste of time.   So to save everyone hours of needless returns and headaches I took the boys to Chick-fil-A. We got our snacks and drinks and parked in the Lowe’s parking lot.  Carson hopped in the front seat we waited for Jeena and enjoyed his lemonade and chicken nuggets.  As soon as he got settled he promptly asked for a sip of everyone's drink.  He does this every time so he doesn’t feel like he missed out on any flavors.  Then Kaden screamed.

He sounded so panicked that I was afraid Olivia was choking or something was majorly was wrong. I turned around and scanned Olivia,  much to my relief she was happy as a clam.  “What’s wrong?”

“My straw went through the cup!  It’s spilling everywhere!”

Tanner, being the calm, level-headed boy he is, didn’t even look up from his Nintendo DS and simply stated, “Why don’t you get out instead of spilling it all over the truck?”

Kaden heeded his brother’s advice and jumped out letting his lemonade spill onto the pavement.  At that very moment I saw a flash of Carson.  In a single motion he placed his drink in the cup holder, jumped over the front seat, leapt over Olivia’s car seat, slid past Tanner and out the door, all while holding a chicken nugget.  He crouched down and positioned himself under Kaden’s leaking cup and was drinking from it like a fountain.  Once the drink was gone, he proudly hopped back in the truck with a smile.

“You sure seemed to enjoy that bud.”

“Dad, it was awesome.  I got to have TWO drinks today. I hope Kaden does that every time!”     


  1. That is so funny. And kind of sad that I didn't even know about this story since I was stuck at Lowe's.