Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bath Time

 How am I supposed to get anything done with my kid walking around like this?

Actually there’s more to the story than the picture shows.  A few weeks ago I told Tanner to take a shower.  Getting a nine-year-old to take a shower can be tricky.  Seriously, boys couldn’t be less interested in hygiene until they start to notice girls, even then it’s questionable.  Tanner is a good kid, just easily distracted at times.  He left the room and I assumed he left to go shower.  I was busy working on my book and noticed I hadn’t heard the water turn on.  I searched for him to see why his butt wasn’t the shower.  Much to my surprise when I walked into the toy room I actually saw his butt…standing in front of the cubbies where the toys are kept.  Instead of asking him what he was doing, I just started taking pictures to get his attention.  Without even turning around he asked, 

“Dad, are you taking pictures?”

“Yep, you better get that naked bottom in the shower.  What are you doing?”

Still not turning around and rooting around in one of the bins he replied, “I’m looking for a certain Lego.  I just remembered that I was looking for it earlier and I gotta find it.”

Does anyone else have kids that get so distracted that they streak across the house to find a Lego?  I have a feeling Tanner might not find this picture so funny when he gets older. 

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