Friday, September 28, 2012

Carson's Tooth

Carson lost is 3rd tooth today!  Honestly it wasn’t that monumental.  Your child losing their first tooth is like a right of passage.  They’re finally a bona fide kid, not baby, not a toddler, a real kid.  I have a fun tradition for my kids when they lose their first tooth.  First, I tie a piece of floss around their tooth then let them hold each end with their hands facing each other.  Then I surprise them by karate chopping the floss and the tooth falls out.  It’s awesome! I did it with Kaden and Tanner but not Crash (Carson.)

Everything is always more dramatic with that kid.  Anything from getting ready for bed to trying a new food is more, let’s say, interesting with him.  A few weeks ago it took him ONE HOUR to eat a ham and cheese sandwich.  Bread, ham, cheese, bread.  That’s it, no tomatoes, mustard or lettuce.  I’m not sure who suffered more through that ordeal. 

But I digress.  Last fall his first tooth was loose but it never really fazed him.  I periodically checked it and patiently waited for it to be loose enough to pull.  He’d wiggle it a little, and quickly lose interest.  Crash being the wild man he is was wrestling with his brother Tanner, typical for a Jolley kid.  As always, I kept an eye on it, and remind them to not get out of hand.  Inevitably it always does and someone starts crying.  This was no exception, I heard a scream then expected to hear crying and the injured kid running up to me for sympathy.  I was surprised to see both Crash and Tanner running up to me smiling. 

“DAD!!!  Crash lost his tooth!”

“What?  How?”

“He was biting my leg and it fell out.  I’m not even that mad that he bit me!”

Sure enough I inspected Tanners leg and there was a welt on his leg from Carson’s tooth.  We searched for the tooth and couldn’t find it.  For all we know it’s still lodged in Tanner’s leg.    

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