Friday, September 28, 2012

Carson's Tooth

Carson lost is 3rd tooth today!  Honestly it wasn’t that monumental.  Your child losing their first tooth is like a right of passage.  They’re finally a bona fide kid, not baby, not a toddler, a real kid.  I have a fun tradition for my kids when they lose their first tooth.  First, I tie a piece of floss around their tooth then let them hold each end with their hands facing each other.  Then I surprise them by karate chopping the floss and the tooth falls out.  It’s awesome! I did it with Kaden and Tanner but not Crash (Carson.)

Everything is always more dramatic with that kid.  Anything from getting ready for bed to trying a new food is more, let’s say, interesting with him.  A few weeks ago it took him ONE HOUR to eat a ham and cheese sandwich.  Bread, ham, cheese, bread.  That’s it, no tomatoes, mustard or lettuce.  I’m not sure who suffered more through that ordeal. 

But I digress.  Last fall his first tooth was loose but it never really fazed him.  I periodically checked it and patiently waited for it to be loose enough to pull.  He’d wiggle it a little, and quickly lose interest.  Crash being the wild man he is was wrestling with his brother Tanner, typical for a Jolley kid.  As always, I kept an eye on it, and remind them to not get out of hand.  Inevitably it always does and someone starts crying.  This was no exception, I heard a scream then expected to hear crying and the injured kid running up to me for sympathy.  I was surprised to see both Crash and Tanner running up to me smiling. 

“DAD!!!  Crash lost his tooth!”

“What?  How?”

“He was biting my leg and it fell out.  I’m not even that mad that he bit me!”

Sure enough I inspected Tanners leg and there was a welt on his leg from Carson’s tooth.  We searched for the tooth and couldn’t find it.  For all we know it’s still lodged in Tanner’s leg.    

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What Can I Say

Was I the first Brawny Paper Towel Boy?  No. Was I dressed up for Halloween as Paul Bunyan? Nope.  I was at Boy Scout Camp, and I chose those clothes.   That’s right, Boy Scout Camp, I’m actually an Eagle Scout.  I was one of those lucky kids that never went through an awkward phase.  I’ve always looked good.  Check out the boots, laced up high and tight.  Think I’m going to sprain an ankle in those boots?  Impossible.  How about my flannel shirt?  Maximum warmth and style in one piece of clothing….check!  Tight jeans in all the right spots.  Bam.

Some kids didn’t love camp like I did.  What’s not to love? I couldn’t have been more excited to go to the mountains for a week to perfect my skills at shooting, canoeing, and other boy things.  Earning badges for doing things I love, yes please.  Of course there were other badges that weren’t my favorite but for the most part it was an awesome week.  Just hanging out with the boys, eating a ton of food and doing cool things. 

This year was different than other years at Boy Scout Camp because it was a full week.  Most of us hadn’t been away from our families that long.  After the typical orientation and tour of the camp I was getting settled in my tent.  I noticed my roommate acting strange.  Let’s call him Han Solo.  Han started nervously pacing back and forth outside the tent.  Then he started mumbling to himself, “They can’t keep me here…I want to go home…miss my friends…this place sucks…who cares about a stupid badge anyway.”

“Han Solo, are you alright?”

He gave me a dirty look and continued pacing and muttering to himself.

“Buddy if you need to talk – “

His head snapped in my direction and stared at me.  He look completely deranged and then without warning ran away.  I reluctantly ran after him and caught him trying to break his own leg. 

“Han Solo what the heck are you doing?”

“They can’t keep me here if I have a broken leg!!”

Realizing this was beyond any of my badge training I found a counselor.

Ultimately Han Solo had to call parents and they made him stay.  Needless to say Han Solo was mad at me and sharing a tent was uncomfortable to say the least.  After all the drama I still walked out of camp as happy as I walked in, with an awesome wardrobe.  

Friday, September 7, 2012


The setting: My backyard
The culprit: The skunk
The Time: RIGHT before I left for work

Since I’ve moved into my new home I’ve had a few run-is with wildlife.  I’ve found out there are mountain lions, deer and skunks roaming around my property.  This presents a problem for several reasons; the first of course, is the safety of my family and dogs.  The second is the idea of my dogs and kids being sprayed by skunks. 

I did some research and found “Kno-Spray” live traps.  There was even video of them on youtube.  They had a 100% no spray guarantee so I felt pretty confident about my purchase.  I received them a few weeks later and set them up one night after work. The next morning I had already gotten ready for work and decided to check them on my way out; I honestly didn’t think I would catch one on the first night.  I was delighted to find a skunk in it and decided to take it down to the pond and get rid of it.  It was in that moment I found out “kno-spray” was a lie.  I was sprayed mere inches from the skunk.  A direct hit!  I dropped the trap and ran back to the house. I had to get to work so I changed my clothes and figured I’d be ok.  When I walked into the morning meeting the girls at work all started commenting on my cologne: Eau De Skunk. Basically it was a bunch of comments like, “Ew!  What’s that smell?”  “Do you smell skunk?” “Crap is there a skunk in the parking lot?”  Obviously I had to run back home and shower before I could see patients. 

The rest of the day passed without incident.  When I got home I saw that the boys didn’t take care of the skunk like I had asked so I went to deal with public enemy #1.  As I approached the trap I was almost overcome with the stench.  The skunk was mad and had been spraying all day long.  I took the trap to the pond, tied rope around it and sunk the skunk.  I noticed a ripple in the water so I leaned over the edge when much to my horror I saw the trap open and the skunk escape.  Before I knew it the skunk had surfaced and was running, nay sprinting, toward me.  I turned and ran as fast as I could while screaming for Jeena to get me the shotgun.  She handed me the gun like a well-rehearsed baton pass in an Olympic relay race.  I started to run after the skunk and realized it was gone.  I stopped dead in my tracks and scanned the area.  GONE.  It’s back into the woods, plotting its revenge.  Skunk 1 – Tyler 0.