Friday, August 3, 2012

Tanner the Trash Man

I’ve mentioned before I bought a farm so my kids can learn some life skills.  Our garden isn’t completely mature yet, so there isn’t anything to harvest and the chores really aren’t that bad.  They collect chicken eggs, feed the chickens, mow the enormous lawn and pasture, as well as many other chores.  Sometimes they do these ‘jobs’ willingly but other times they fight me.  Especially when it involves them working in the heat, or when they’d prefer to be hanging out with their friends, or sleep, or playing paint ball in the Russian olives, or pretty much anything else. 

Tanner my middle son has the privilege of taking out to the curb on trash day.  This was a nonissue in our previous house due to the five steps from the garage to the curb.  Now we have a rather long driveway that’s several hundred feet long. Every garbage day he complains about how much work it is to drag it all the way to the curb; then to add insult to injury he has to bring it back after pick up.  I’ve never really given him any sympathy and he has quit complaining ever since I reminded him no matter what chore he does, “it all pays the same.”

Today after work I noticed my nine-year-old bringing the trashcans back without even being asked.  What made me even prouder was the manner in which he was moving the trash.  Tanner was dragging the trashcans behind him on his bike.  What a smart and inventive kid, he must get it from his dad.


  1. I took your trash to the curb while I was there and I can feel Tanner's pain! IT'S A LOOOOOONG DRIVEWAY!!! Even Jeena had to stop halfway. Poor Tanner having to do this all by himself, but what a smart kid to figure it out!

  2. Just like his paw, magyver. Make sure the boys has endless supplies of duct tape