Thursday, August 9, 2012


Next week I’m going to a steampunk convention in Portland called GearCon.  Why you may ask?  Well my next book that I am co-writing with the talented Sherry Ficklin is a young adult steampunk novel.  Steampunk is basically like the 1800’s but modern and punky.  These conventions will be a great place to network and introduce our book. 

If you’re familiar with these types of conventions you know there are some pretty eccentric people in attendance.  People get dress up, get into character and become an alter ego. Some people never break character the entire time they are in costume.  Now, everyone knows what a dork I am and I love to wear costumes.  Every Halloween I make my entire staff dress up so I’m not the only one.  Last year we did 50’s theme, the year before was 80’s hair bands…we have a lot of fun. I’ve even considered closing my office for half a day on Halloween just so I could show off my sweet costume all afternoon.  Dressing up for this convention should be no problem, right?

Wrong.  I’m not sure why but I’m freaking out about GearCon.  When I dress up for Halloween I pick the theme and find a costume that looks awesome.  The theme is already set for GearCon and let me tell you, Steampunk is not made for 6’5” people.  If too-tight, high water pants were popular in the steampunk genre I’d be set.   My other issue is that on Halloween people expect to see people roaming the streets in costume.  If you see this in the middle of August you think people are either 1) crazy 2) horribly misguided in their fashion choices or 3) are in a play and stole their costumes.  Luckily I found a hotel room in the convention center so I won’t have to brave the public in costume.  Now let’s talk about the typical steampunk dress.  Punky 1800’s clothes, monocles and brass legs are not exactly flattering on my physique because the most of the people who wear these clothes are teenagers.  That brings me to my next point, I feel old.  Old and fat.  Too old and too fat to be wearing these clothes.   Plus I don’t want my wife to make fun of me.  So here I sit, one week from the convention without a costume.  Now that I have even less time my options are even more limited.  We’ll see if I end up dressing up or being that awkward guy wearing jeans at the convention. When I return I will write about the convention, and post some pretty amazing pics.  

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