Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

So as you may know I have two dogs, Saber, a yellow lab and Yeti a Vizsla.  I love my dogs.  They’re not only awesome companions for the kids and me, but also great hunting dogs.  As you can imagine they are loving the new farm.  They have a ton of room to run and explore but sometimes forget about the invisible electric fence.

Saber is the best dog.  I spent hours and hours training him as a puppy.  He listens perfectly, behaves perfectly, hunts perfectly, and has the best temperate.  Yeti on the other hand is full of piss and vinegar.  My wife got him for me as an anniversary present shortly after we adopted Olivia. Within 10 weeks we 1) had a baby 2) got a puppy 3) sold our house 4) moved and I had to go out of town twice during the move. So Yeti didn’t get as much training as I had hoped.  I expected his brother Saber step up and take over, but it’s unfair to ask that of him because he is, after all, a dog.

Yeti will jump on you, lick you, and just be wild.  He’s a really good puppy, just hyper as all get out. When I get the chance I try to take them with me on errands I do.  Recently I took them on a day that wasn’t too hot.  I got them dog bagels at Einstein’s for being so good.  They loved it.  I had to make a few more stops and apparently the bagel made Yeti “have to go.”  Saber is trained to hold it in the truck; I thought Yeti, was too.  Wrong! Good thing I keep latex gloves in my truck or they would have been covered in it by the time we got home.  I don’t think Best Buy appreciated my present in their outside trash.  I think more training is in order.

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