Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Science Fair circa 1980's

It’s that moment every child and parent dreads, Science Fair time.  I shouldn’t say dread, that’s a strong word.  It can be a lot of fun.  But in my experience it was something most kids forgot to mention to their parents until the night before it was due which left them scrambling to come up with something on the fly.  Here’s my story from 10 year-old Tyler:

My father is a sheep farmer and dentist.  So when I had just a few hours to put something together I decided to use my dad as the expert. No need to look at an encyclopedia, I had the expert in my house.  Easy Peasy!  My choices were sheep or teeth.  After irrigating that afternoon I was bored with sheep and decided to do a project on teeth.  Specifically “sealants” as it was a newer technology and I had just had them done myself so I deemed an awesome topic. 

I got out my poster board, markers, and my Star Wars sweatshirt and got to work.  I had to come up with some sweet phrases to really catch the judges’ attention. What’s a headline that pretty much sums up my entire project, I thought to myself. “Sealants are the new way to fight tooth decay.”  BAM.  And it rhymes, what more could they want?    

Ok, now the first point let me just refer to the pamphlet that my dad brought home for me and copy it verbatim. “Decay attacks pits and fissures.”  They spelled “fishers” wrong but whatever.  Almost Done!  This is going to be awesome!

Next point, um, let me see that pamphlet again…”Sealants to the rescue.”  NEXT!

Man, I’m getting sweaty, I better take off my sweatshirt…that’s it!  I’m a genius!  “Sealants are no-sweat!”  And, I’m a kid so maybe I’ll squeeze that “Sealants are for kids” on the bottom and yes, yes I’m done.  It is a masterpiece.  Now if I can just con my dad into drawing some teeth for me I’ll be all set. 

I can’t remember if I won or lost that year, but all I know is teeth are still cooler than sheep, I look awesome in the picture and I wish I still had that sweatshirt. 

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