Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fatty Matty Two by Four Couldn't Get Through The Bathroom Door...

The Setting: Brazil

My Weight: I won’t say but I’ll give you a range It’s somewhere between 112-438

The Situation: Hot and Sweaty

As you know I have a really good friend named Food.  Food and I got a little too close during orthodontic school.  Some students will go partying after a rough week, or perhaps after a major test.  Being LDS (Mormon to those unfamiliar with the term) that is not something I could or wanted to do.  My reward was food.  An “A” on a test = a dozen donuts.  A rough week = 5 lemon pie Tasty Kakes.  Some classmates reached for a beer, I reached for a Diet Coke.  

When I was in undergrad school I could eat like this, no problem! But as I aged it quickly caught up with me.  Every time Jeena had a baby I would gain 10 pounds.  I kept telling myself I’d deal with the weight gain after school was finished.  Then life got really busy after school.  We had our third son, were wrestling on where to set up a practice, get licensed in said state, find a house and get loans for all of this.  It was no time to lose weight.  And really with all that was going on, can you blame me for eating my feelings?  

One spring a buddy and I went to Brazil to visit some friends.  That’s when I realized how overweight I had really become.  When I was doing my mission in Brazil 18 years ago I was 40 pounds lighter and no one who remembered me was saying, “dude you look good!” I was sweating like I had some sort of amazon jungle parasite.  Profusely sweating non-stop for days combined with my dislike of water was really starting to take its toll on me.  Dehydration started to set in.  Other than needing an IV to combat my fluid loss the trip was great.  The people were great, the food was awesome, and the ice cream was, well, the best thing ever.  Just look how happy I was:

When I got back I looked at the pictures I realized things had to change so I started my expensive hobby of mountain biking. I also got busy in my offices and it’s really difficult to find the time to eat like I used to in between patients.  It also makes it hard for me to tell a kid their brushing sucks when I have remnants of a Butterfinger in my teeth.

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