Friday, July 6, 2012

Carson The Egg Collector

I’ve mentioned my new farm in a previous post so get ready to read about our shenanigans.  I bought the farm because I wanted my boys to live on a farm like I did, and walk away with all the knowledge that comes with farming.  Prior to the farm they knew how to tie their own shoes and make microwave popcorn, period.  I have to admit, it’s been a ton of work but they are picking it up really fast.  Since they were doing so well I decided to get chickens, 15 to be exact. I bribed them with the prospect of fresh eggs for breakfast and they were on board. We got everything ready for their arrival and my boys started to get excited at the novelty of their new chores and to collect eggs.  Carson was a little too excited.  We got the chickens settled and went in the house to wash up.  Then I realized I was short one kid.  Carson.  That kid is like a clumsy ninja.  I went back to where I misplaced him and found him patiently siting in the corner of the coop.  He looked like he was in time-out.

“Hey buddy, what’s up?”
“Oh, “ big sigh, “Nothing.”
“Ok, well do you want to come in and wash up?”
“I will in a little bit, I’m kind of busy.”
“YES DAD, I’m waiting for the eggs.”

If I hadn’t been hosting a welcome party for Dr. Pitcher he would have stayed out there all night.  During the party I had one of my assistants ask him about the chickens.  With pride in his voice he declared there weren’t any yet but he’d go check right now.  He scurried off into the garage and came out on his razor going about 30 miles an hour headed straight for the pool.  He missed plunging into the pool by inches and off he went to the chickens.  He disappeared for about half an hour.  He came back with his tail between his legs because there weren’t any yet.  But the next day when he finally found some eggs it was better than Easter.

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