Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just an ordinary day in the Jolley household

Where does one begin to start describing this picture?  Was this poor child bullied into wearing a trash bag?  Was he trying to keep his nice church clothes dry and out of the rain?  Was his dad making him irrigate and this was the best uniform he could find?  Nope.  He lost his Indiana Jones costume.  Well, part of it.  Over the last 6 months I’ve moved twice.  With four kids, things go missing.  During one of the moves Tanner, my 9 year-old, lost part of his Indiana Jones costume.  Obviously a 9 year-old needs to dress in costume as often as possible, no special occasion required. As you can see, he still has the hat and whip and boots (not pictured.)  You can imagine my surprise when I came upon my offspring and wondered why on earth he’d be wearing a trash bag.  He explained that he was improvising since he couldn’t find the shirt and pants to the costume, duh dad.  He walked away cracking his whip. Several hours later, still in the trash bag, he looked flushed and dehydrated. 
“Tanner, are you feeling ok?”
Wiping sweat from his brow, “Um, I feel really hot.  And sweaty.  And the bag is sticking to me.”
“Dude, take off the bag,” I said reaching for it.
“Uh, not here.  I…I need to go upstairs and change in my room.”
Because I forgot to put on anything underneath it.”
Indiana Jones would be proud, MacGyver too.