Friday, December 21, 2012

To Love Or Die in a Steamy-Reamy World Book Review

To Love or Die in a Steamy-Reamy World by Emily White is a young adult, steampunk, paranormal collection of 10 short stories.  The ten stories are not stand alone stories but linked together, so keep that in mind as you're reading. 

It centers around a small town in Steamville, New Hampshire and the various families that live there.  In the first few stories they appear to be separate stories but you soon learn they are all mixed together in a very tangled web.

It’s a quick read and most appropriate for the older YA crowd (15+).  Well written and very fast paced. You won’t get bored or find your mind wandering.  I’d love to see a sequel to this collection and see what happens next.  I give this book five out of five donuts.

Currently, it's only available as a ebook, and it’s only $.99 cents, here’s the link and enjoy:



Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It’s no secret that Facebook can be used for both good and bad.  Here’s my experience on how I made a big mistake.

Last Wednesday I made a post on Facebook inquiring about the thought process that goes into dressing up your car like a reindeer.  I had seen many around town and really wondered why people do this.  Here’s the post:

The conversation was funny and I got some insight into why people decorate their car.  Again, it’s not something I’m against, it’s just not something I would do to my vehicle.

After the last person commented on Friday, I kind of forgot about the post.  Cut to Sunday.  We went to church, just like every Sunday.  I left early with Olivia and took Jeena’s car since Olivia’s car seat was in it and left my truck for Jeena and the boys.

A little later I got this picture text from Jeena:

I had been punked.  Jeena had inadvertently been punked since she had to drive it home.  The boys were mortified and they had me and my big mouth to blame thanks to my Facebook post. 

By the time Jeena got home I had gotten distracted with the kids and forgot to remove the decorations. 

On Monday I did my usual routine and drove Kaden to school.  As I left the parking lot I got a call from my friend Krehl asking me why my truck was decorated like Rudolph.  I was mortified and hurried to my office where I could remove the paraphernalia.  Unfortunately I got a call from two more dentists to give me a hard time about my truck.  As I pulled into my parking spot I realized I had punked myself by forgetting to remove the stuff.  I had been punked twice in as many days.

I eventually found out who punked me (the first time) and revenge will be mine!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stuck, Stuck, Stuck

Last week while hunting in South Dakota I got stuck.  I was pulling my 2,000-pound dog trailer with my 8,000-pound truck and hauling 600-pounds of pure man in the form of Jess, Barry, Travis and myself.  It had been raining the last few days but it was clear today. 

We were hunting on a private farmland when we approached a muddy area.  I approached it slowly and felt the unmistakable sinking feeling of getting stuck.  “I think we’re getting stuck guys.”  “Just floor it!” Jess yelled.  I took a deep breath, double-checked that I was in four-wheel drive, gripped the wheel and gunned it.  We were out!  A success.  We found a suitable place to park and hunted for a while.  Then we decided to find a new area.

As we were driving we came across another muddy road.  It was twice the size as the first muddy spot.  I again, approached it slowly and thought I was going to get stuck.  “Floor it!” Jess declared, again.  “I dunno, I really think I’m going to get stuck. This muddy spot is a lot bigger.”  “Floor it!”  Apparently Jess had only one response.  So I did everything the same, I took a deep breath, made sure I was in four-wheel drive, gripped the wheel and gunned it.  Except this time I did get stuck.  And the more I floored it, the deep I got stuck.  We were hunting with another group of guys so we called them and they headed our way to tow us out.  Meanwhile we decided to try and unhook the dog trailer.  The moment we unhooked it, we realized that was a mistake and needed to somehow reattach it.  We pulled, pushed, Jess even got a running start and ran into it like a linebacker.  Somehow we finally got it hooked up to the truck and started preparing for the tow.

First we shoveled out a lot of the mud, which was hard because it was years of old cattails and mush.  Then we jacked up the truck and placed rocks and sticks under the tires for traction.  This went on for about an hour before the other guys arrived in their Toyota Sequoia to tow us out….yep they got stuck and we had to push them out.  We were at the mercy of the farmer.  We sent our friends off to find someone to pull us out.  Lucky for us, within ten minutes we found a 17-year-old in the biggest John Deere tractor I’ve ever seen.  The tires were taller than me, this thing was massive.  Before we could even ask him for help, he took one look at us and asked if we were stuck.  He proudly drove his monster tractor over to us and pulled us out with ease.  When we tried to thank him, he said this happens at least twice a week.  It’s basically the highlight of his day.